Aum Alkura Veterinary Services Company was established in 1999 Working in the field of importing veterinary medicines In line with the market's need for high-quality, effective and internationally competitive drugs at competitive prices. Our goal is to win customer trust. My father had a key role in establishing Aum Alkura Veterinary Services Company and has worked in the company since its inception Until his death on 23/1/2018 He worked hard and worked tirelessly.
We ask Allaah to make His work in the balance of his good deeds and to grant His mercy and death to all who read this article.

Our Vision

Continue our hard work to develop new effective products .Ensure better and healthier world by providing the best quality of veterinary products to different kind of animals

Our Values

Responsible to the highest health standards in the world to work through specific activities carried out by employees of the company to maintain the production of veterinary products, to act responsibly towards our partners, to care for administrative and technical personnel, and to increase knowledge and awareness among customers and distributors in different countries.

Our Mission

To be Distinct in providing the market with high quality, competitively priced generic Veterinary pharmaceutical products and services. By working with innovative and highly skilled workforce, whose development we are committed to, are vital to the achievement of our vision