Category: Vitamins and Immune Cranes


1 - cases of lactation and silent ejaculation and the results are better if given with Benzazin with prosthenol and Mtno Mino and Silvos.

2 - It is recommended for use in pregnant women as a prevention of abortion and premature births or weak and distorted birth and uterine ascites.

3 - disorders of metabolism, diseases of undernourishment and bone malformations and increase production.

4 - cases of milk fever and the cow and the paralysis of prenatal and postpartum prevention and treatment.

5 - Used for bulls to improve fertility and increase sexual activity.



Intramuscular or intravenous injection is given slowly.

 - Horses and cows: 10-20ml.

- Calves and sheep: 5-10mm. It is possible to return the dose after a week.

-When giving the venous medication be the fastest and best response to the injection is the intravenous vein.

- The dose can be extended with a sterile saline or physiologic fluid

 For 1: 1 or 1: 2 injections.