Category: Antibiotics


Each 1 ml contains

- Spiramycin adipate 125 mg (equivalent to 375,000 IU spiramycin).

- lincomycin hydrochloride 75 mg.


- LINCO SPERA is used to prevent and treat respiratory diseases such as mycoplasma, korea, bronchitis. Chronic Respiratory Disease (Conjunctivitis).

- Lencospera is a broad-spectrum antibiotic against negative and positive bacteria Gram.

- Lencospera is very useful in cases of E. coli, cotyform, septisemia, arthritis, syphilis, kidney inflammation, and bird cholera.

- Lencospera is very effective against the types of clostridium, types of bacteria, Salmonella species.

- Lencospera is very effective for all diseases that affect the upper part of the respiratory tract in the broiler, whites and mothers because of the compound contains spiramycin.


- For prevention: 1 ml per 4 liters of water for 3 - 5 days.

- For treatment: 1 ml per 2 liters of water for 3 - 5 days.


LINCOSPERA is not mixed with other compounds, especially the fluoroquinolate group.

- Keep packs at temperatures below 25 ° C away from children and light.

- Packages: 500 ml.