Category: Anti parasitic

Uses of orazole in poultry:

Orazole is one of the best antifungal agents in poultry and other birds, especially in the Umayyads

And whites that are exposed to infection of cystode worms, nematodes and other worms that cause losses

Economic growth in the poultry sector.

Doses in poultry:

10 mg per 1 kg live weight equivalent to 1 ml per 3 kg live weight.

Precautions to be taken when using orazole in poultry:

1 - It is preferable to estimate the weight of birds and adherence to doses by weight.

2 - the bird must be abandoned for 3 hours before the dosage.

3 - prefer the dosage evening.

4 - After the dosage is preferred to cut off electricity.

5. Cleaning the mattress in the morning.

6 - Re-dosage after 8-12 weeks depending on the severity of the injury.

Benefits of using orazole in poultry:

1 - stimulates the production of eggs because it contains selenium.

2 - increases the rate of food conversion.

3 - improve the health status of the herd.

4 - contributes to the brightness of feathers.

5. Does not cause stress.